The top reasons why businesses move to permit to work software

bigstock-Comparison-Concept-Pros-And-C-458696441Digital Permit to Work solutions are becoming more popular and these are the top reasons why Health and Safety Managers are moving from paper-based processes

Can be instantly communicated to various parties such as other managers, H&S managers, security companies etc

A hazardous job will involve a number of stakeholders and effective communication is key. Permit to work software lets multiple parties access a permit using a simple web browser in real time.

Can trigger an alert when the permit is due to expire

In fact, permit to work software has the ability to set a number of different triggers and alerts within the approval process. This might be in the pre-check stage, where the system will flag expired insurance documentation or training certificates. Or further on down the line, it can flag if a question on the permit hasn't been answered. This information is usually displayed in a overall dashboard view, using clear “traffic light” colour alerts.

Can be electronically linked to specific risk assessments and other documents.

A complex project requires a lot of planning and the exchange of detailed information such as risk assessments, method statements, phase plans etc. Even better, your permit to work software should be able to accommodate all sorts of data files, including drawings, photos, layouts and diagrams. The database format is the ideal way to keep all of this information in one place where it is easy to find, access and update.

Almost zero chance of permits being lost

An electronic permit to work can’t be lost, torn or weather damaged. It will also be very difficult to “retrofit” information into the process, as the software will have a robust back-audit trail, dating and tracking any edits.

Can be made completely idiot proof

Whilst this isn’t 100% true (after all software is only as good as the information you enter into it), it does have big advantages. An electronic solution can guide the user step-by-step through the permit process using structured workflows and checklists and prevent the permit from proceeding unless the required data fields are populated. It’s also very easy for managers to spot if the process isn’t being followed.

Can be much more in depth without the need for a multiple page document

Yes - permit to work software can hold a lot of useful background information. However users can access specific detail as they need it without having to refer back to a hefty paper document.

As you can see, adopting a digital permit to work solution has some extremely practical benefits which will help everyone involved in the process and contributing to safer working practices. 

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